Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts

Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts | CY Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts | CY Artificial Grass

It’s important that tennis courts have a safe, reliable surface that is durable in all weather conditions in order to get the best from your game. That’s why CY Artificial Grass are happy to install artificial turf for a variety of tennis courts. Whether you’re looking to resurface an old tennis court, or construct an entirely new court, CY Artificial Grass can offer you the complete package when it comes to providing your reliable tennis turf!

CY Artificial Grass are experts at installing artificial grass for tennis courts in and around the Glasgow area. Using Fake grass for tennis courts is becoming a very popular choice, as it’s a great alternative to asphalt or natural grass. Aside from being safe, durable, and comfortable, there are a range of other benefits for using artificial grass on tennis courts. All of our synthetic grass is very weather resistant, meaning that you can avoid the disappointment of having to cancel matches or practice due to rainfall. Backing drainage allows for tennis to be played on the courts immediately after a heavy rain shower. Additionally, low maintenance means less work for you as artificial grass doesn’t grow, get muddy or dry out after play!

CY Artificial Grass can install artificial turf for tennis courts in many locations, including local leisure centres, private tennis courts, clubs & schools. Our synthetic grass has been carefully designed to be safe as possible, making it widely suitable for a range of uses.

  • It provides extra grip to avoid slipping, especially in wet conditions.
  • Extra bounce means that the turf is much easier on players hips and knees compared to harder courts.

Our artificial grass installation will give you years of enjoyment from your tennis court whether it’s in a club, school, or back garden! You can be assured that our attractive and affordable tennis turf will not only improve your fitness, but your tennis skills too!


Can tennis balls bounce on artificial grass? 

  • Tennis balls have no trouble when it comes to bouncing on artificial grass, but the height and speed of the bounce may be slightly different from real grass or clay tennis courts. The type and quality of the artificial grass, as well as the amount and type of infill material used, is what affects the bounce of the tennis ball. To ensure the best performance and consistency, it’s important to choose an artificial grass specifically designed for tennis and to maintain it properly over the course of time.

Are there disadvantages to playing tennis on artificial grass? 

  • There are a few potential disadvantages to playing tennis on artificial grass include differences in ball bounce and speed when compared to the authenticity of a real grass court, as well as a potentially harder surface that can lead to more joint and muscle fatigue in tennis players. Furthermore, certain types of artificial grass may require more maintenance and repair than natural grass courts. Overall, tennis players find artificial grass to be a suitable and convenient option for playing and practicing the sport. 

Can you play tennis on wet artificial grass?

  • Whilst it is possible to play tennis on wet artificial grass, it may not provide the best playing conditions. Wet grass can be very slippery and affect the ball bounce and speed, making it much more difficult for players to compete effectively. Additionally, playing on wet artificial grass can cause the grass blades to flatten and affect the overall appearance and durability of the surface over time. It’s recommended to avoid playing tennis on wet grass, whether it is natural or artificial to reduce the risk of player injury and damage to the surface. 
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