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Waterlogged pitch ?
Grass worn out?
Pitch become unsafe ?
Complaints from players ?
Ball won’t roll properly ?
Pitch looking shabby ?

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Benefits of Pitch Maintenance

Happier Players

With a smoother, more playable surface your players will have a better experience

Better Reputation

Become known in your area for having the best synthetic pitch around

Save Money

Regular maintenance will preserve the life of your pitch and reduce your future costs


What causes pitches to become unplayable?


When the materials in a pitch become heavily compacted, it reduces their ability to drain rainwater and the pitch ends up becoming flooded. Waterlogged pitches are more slippery and can result in groin strains and twisted ankles from overstretching.


Naturally, players will move the fibres of your pitch around as they play. However, if there is a build-up in one area, it will cause the pitch to become uneven, creating a trip hazard. Additionally, the ball will not roll properly over these areas which can cause players to complain.


After enough play, artificial grass pitches will become worn out. The fibres will no longer stand up the way they are supposed to and the springiness that players expect when they fall or bounce the ball will no longer be available.

Our pitch maintenance service

At CY Turf, we believe that players love well-maintained pitches. They notice when a ball rolls along a surface properly allowing them to play at the best of their abilities. And, they can tell if a pitch is safe to use. When pitch maintenance is done right, word gets around; players share their experience with their friends and it attracts more people to join in the fun and stay fit. It’s our job to help artificial pitch owners to keep their players happy by providing the UK’s best pitch maintenance and restoration service.

 As much as it’s important to deliver a great outcome for you and your players, we believe that the way in which we carry out our service deserves equal merit. We are a team of professionals who have experience in working on all kinds of pitches, a team who are respectful of your staff, who deliver on their promises and who will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy.


Bonnyton Kilmarnock Football Club


Due to heavy use, the rubber on the pitch had become uneven, presenting a trip hazard for players. Additionally, the artificial grass fibres were no longer standing up properly which prevented the ball from rolling properly.


To solve this problem, we topped up the rubber on the pitch using our purpose-built rubber distribution machine. Afterwards, we gave the whole space a thorough brushing to decompact any of the materials which had become stuck. This gave a nice bounce which was immediately noticeable.


After our maintenance service, the football pitch was returned to a safe, playable condition again for the team to enjoy

Goals Football, Coventry


After years of use, the artificial grass fibres has become worn down so much that it required complete replacement.


In this case, we needed to start from scratch so we began by lifting and removing the old pitch in its entirety. The next step in the process was to supply and install a new shock pad. As the name suggests, this reduces injuries when players fall. On top of this, we installed a new layer of artificial grass then cut-in and secured new white lines. And finally, we evenly distributed new sand and rubber around the pitch to keep the fibres propped up.


Goals now had a new, useable pitch which was ready to delight its customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to carry out a pitch refurbishment?

Most pitches can be completely refurbished in a week or less. However, if the weather conditions are particularly bad it can cause a couple of days delay.

How much does pitch refurbishment / renovation cost?

It’s difficult to give you a precise figure since the condition and size of pitch are both large determining factors. However, we would be happy to provide you a free customised quotation over the phone. Just click here to speak to one of our team.

What areas do you cover?

We operate all over the UK, but need a few weeks of notice to plan our trip to you.

How often should I get my artificial pitch maintained?

It really depends on how much your pitch gets used. If your pitch is used only intermittently by primary school kids then the in-filled materials are going to be substantially less compacted in comparison with daily use with high school pupils. What’s important though is that you have a maintenance plan in place so that whatever level you are at, you know what to expect.

Do you offer maintenance programmes?

Yes, we offer a range of pitch maintenance programmes for different usage levels. To find out more, click here to speak to one of our team.

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