Artificial Grass for putting greens and driving ranges in Glasgow.

Artificial Golf Grass Glasgow | Putting Greens, Driving Ranges

CY Turf have all areas covered when it comes to installing artificial grass for golf. Whether you’re looking for golf grass for domestic uses, commercial uses, putting greens, or tee turfs, CY Turf’s hybrid grass (coverlawn) artificial grass has you covered.

Hybrid Grass for Golf Courses! 🏌️

  • Take a look at this revolutionary approach to golf course maintenance.

    Why choose Green Hybrid grass for golf courses?
    - Reduced damage to tees and walkway areas
    - Fewer repairs
    - Faster turf recovery
    - Extended use of the tee areas (and increased facility usage)
    - Easy and low-cost installation compared to other hybrid grass solutions

Golf surfaces for your home

CY Turf have worked with top professional Golfer Stephen Gallacher to install a putting surface at home.
Our versatile all weather Golf surfaces are prefect for golf at home.
Our realistic Goal putting surfaces will last and require very minimal maintenance.

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens (Domestic Use)

Installing a putting green into your back garden is a great way of making it more fun! Artificial Grass putting greens from CY Turf are the perfect way to enjoy golf and practice at home, in addition to adding fun and style to your back garden!

We can provide you with high quality golf turf that’s specially designed and carefully crafted to look, feel and play just like real golf grass. We’ll only provide you with the best quality artificial turf for golf. Artificial putting grass comes with all the usual benefits; low maintenance, and all weather resistant. It’s the perfect option for any dedicated golf player who wants the option of practicing their skills in any weather, at any time of the day!

Great Benefits:

  • Plays, looks and feels like tournament level golf grass.
  • Personally installed to suit all your individual needs and requirements.
  • Full planning and installation service.
  • Range of options for both outdoor and indoor turf.

Artificial Grass for Putting & Practice Greens (Commercial Use)

CY Turf can fully install practice putting greens on your golf course, offering a high quality, fully durable synthetic artificial green surface that requires little to no maintenance all year round! This turf is ideal for putting surfaces out on the course holes, or for convenient practice greens for players to use at their leisure.

Our artificial golf turf is tournament level quality to ensure that your players are only playing on the best artificial grass available for golf purposes. Are you looking for a convenient golf green to be installed indoors, perhaps for training / coaching purposes? Maybe you’re looking for a golf green in your golf shop for players to test our products before they buy? We have you covered. CY Turf’s golf greens can be installed for either indoor or outdoor purposes in Glasgow.

  • Little Maintenance required
  • High, tournament quality putting & practice greens
  • Full Installation Service

Artificial Grass for Driving Ranges (Commercial Use)

We are also providers of driving range artificial grass for commercial use! Our artificial golf grass is specially designed to be very realistic, durable and long lasting, high quality all with little to no maintenance required. Due to the durability of our grass for driving ranges, you’ll be able to drive customers to your ranges all year round, without the risk of putting customers off due to bad surfaces from poor weather conditions.

  • Make the most of your driving range facilities all year round
  • Keep your customers during the winter months, all our artificial turf is all weather resistant
  • Save yourself time and money, our artificial driving range tees require little to no maintenance!

CY Turf are proud to work with golf courses and driving ranges around the Scotland, making golf more widely available to players all year round by vastly improving their golf surfaces and facilities!

Artificial Grass for Golf Tees (Commercial Use)

CY Turf can provide artificial golf turf for teeing off. These are a great alternative to natural grass. Natural Grass can be heavily damaged overtime by frequent use, which leaves a muddy mess which is not only unpleasing to look at, but can also heavily affect the quality of play for your customers. Having artificial turf installed by CY Turf allows for your Golf Tees to remain of great quality all year round, no matter how much their played on, meaning a great return of investment for you!

Our turf for golf tees is carefully crafted to be of golf tournament quality. You can be assured that your players will enjoy the highest quality artificial grass for teeing off for their game.

  • Make the most of your golf tee facilities all year round
  • Keep your customers during the winter months, all our artificial turf is all weather resistant
  • Save yourself time and money, our artificial golf tees require little to no maintenance!
hybrid artificial grass for festivals, by CY turf, Glasgow hybrid artificial grass for festivals, by CY turf, Glasgow


CY Turf supply and install the best Hybrid Grass on the market for a full range of uses, for example golf courses, green city areas, festival areas, footpaths and play parks. Reinforced hybrid grass is based on a honeycomb structure which allows the natural grass to grow in between the synthetic grass.


1.) Can I install my own artificial putting green?

While it is technically possible to install your own artificial putting green, I would highly recommend seeking the assistance of a professional to ensure the best results. Installing an artificial putting green requires specialized knowledge, expertise, and equipment that professionals possess.

2.) Can I install my own artificial putting green?

Yes, artificial grass can have an impact on how you play golf. While it aims to replicate the characteristics of natural grass, there are some differences that can affect your game. For example, Artificial grass tends to offer a more consistent ball roll compared to natural grass. The smooth surface of synthetic turf allows the ball to roll true and predictable, which can be advantageous for putting and controlling distances on the green.

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CY Turf offer a complete solution including design, landscaping and artificial turf installation.

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CY Turf supply and install artificial grass solutions to domestic and commercial customers in Scotland including Glasgow. We offer a complete solution including design, landscaping and astro turf installation.


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