3G Football Pitch Artificial Turf | Artificial Grass Glasgow

3G Football Pitch Artificial Turf | Artificial Grass Glasgow

CY Artificial Grass are experts in the manufacturing and installation of high-quality Artificial Football Pitches and 3G Surfaces. If you are looking to have artificial grass installed for a football pitch then we have the experience, products, and experience that you need! All our artificial grass used for football pitches are weather resistant and easy to maintain, meaning that you can make great use of high-quality turf without having to worry about maintenance and weather damage. Our 3G hybrid grass football pitches offer a realistic playing experience with the benefit of much lower maintenance costs than a real pitch.

With a 3G pitch, you’re really getting the best possible football playing experience out of your artificial grass. 3G simply stands for “third generation”, and it is currently the newest type of artificial grass available for football pitches. In a 3G pitch, each individual blade of grass is supported by a very thin layer of sand in order to help create a durable football pitch which can be played on through all weather conditions. It’s both the consistency and the durability of 3G Football Pitches that make it a popular choice for football clubs who want a realistic experience when training. It offers a much better playing experience compared to previous generations, so much so that it’s even been used in champions league football games!

3G Artificial Football Pitches are the best choice for football clubs looking to benefit from a realistic football training experience. They offer so many advantages over football pitches with natural grass;

Football Pitch maintenance by CY Turf


They prevent the chance of waterlogging due to high rainfall. Our 3G Artificial Pitches are all weather resistant.


They are very easy to maintain, and avoid the high maintenance that natural grass pitches require, such as cutting, and repairing worn surfaces.


Consistent, allowing for pitch perfect grass all year round

Blue Turf installed at The Rangers FC Training ground

Sports pitch installs for Soccer World, Newcastle


How thick should artificial grass be for a football pitch? 

  • The thickness of artificial grass for a football pitch typically ranges from around 40mm to 60mm, with 50mm being the common choice. The thickness is an important factor in determining the level of shock absorption and football bounce on the surface, as well as the durability of the grass overall. 

Does artificial turf hold water? 

  • Artificial turf is designed to be permeable and drain water quickly, so it generally does not hold water. The base layer of the artificial turf usually includes a drainage system made up of a layer of gravel and a network of perforated pipes to facilitate drainage. The backing of the turf itself is also typically perforated to allow water to pass through. 

Is artificial grass good for football?

  • Artificial grass can be a very good option for playing football due to its long term durability, low maintenance requirements, and ability to withstand heavy usage. Artificial turf is specifically designed to provide consistent playing conditions, and can be used for both outdoor and indoor football pitches.
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