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Domestic Artificial Grass - Roof Terraces, Patios, Balconys - Glasgow

One of the great things about Artificial grass is how versatile it is. It can be installed in a wide variety of places, and this includes your balconies, patios, and even rooftops! Artificial grass is a great addition to any garden to give you that lush lawn feeling. It’s family friendly, requires little to no maintenance, and is suitable for all weather conditions, but did you know that CY Turn can also add artificial grass to our patios, balconies, and roof tops? Take the stress away from garden maintenance, there’s no need for watering or mowing, and no dirt or mud to clean! Just great looking balconies and patios all year round!
Our artificial grass can be put onto balconies, patios and rooftops.


We are increasingly being asked by owners of flats and apartments to install artificial grass on their balconies. For people living in flats the balcony is the one place to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine within a few feet of the home. Apart from adding some colourful pot plants to the balcony adding an artificial grass flooring can really brighten up what would otherwise be a potentially drab area.

Having artificial grass installed onto a balcony is becoming a much more popular choice for people. If you live in a flat, your balcony is the only place you can go to enjoy some sun and fresh air. Adding artificial grass to your balcony can brighten up what can be a dull area.

Many people wouldn’t think it, but artificial grass can really add that wow factor to your balcony, and greatly improve your outdoor leisure area! The luxurious feel that artificial grass can bring is a perfect flooring alternative to the likes of concrete or harsh wood, especially for those with kids. Artificial grass is soft to touch, and therefore is ideal for avoiding any kind of injury from falling.


Artificial grass is also hugely beneficial for patio space. Although concrete flooring is a popular choice for balconies, it has its drawbacks, such as cracks forming, and the potential for weeds to grow. Artificial grass is the perfect solution to avoid these drawbacks, as it requires no maintenance, and lasts for years!

In addition to these great benefits, artificial grass also looks great on a patio! It’s certain to delight any family or guests you have visiting, and really adds to that homely feel. With fake grass installed, your patio can not only become a perfect space for you to relax, but also a perfect space for young kids to play on and enjoy.

Roof Gardens / Terraces

Artificial grass is an ideal addition to roof gardens or terraces. It has the capability to drain rainfall quickly, which is vital due to the rooftop being the most exposed area to rainfall. Additionally, the artificial grass used for rooftops is very light weight. This is important for grass installed onto roof terraces, and at CY Turf, we have specially selected fake grass which is perfect for this.

In addition to these great benefits, artificial grass can bring life into a rooftop garden or terrace, and can transform them into a luxury garden space for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Wedding Venues

Our artificial grass services for patios and balconies are also an ideal solution for events, including weddings venues! The drawbacks of natural grass can be very troublesome, and this is especially true In wet weather. In wet conditions there is the potential for natural grass to become marshy, soggy and muddy, and this could be problematic, especially with white wedding dresses.

Having artificial grass installed into a wedding venue can eliminate all these problems. In addition to this, you will benefit from all the usual advantages of having fake grass installed, including low maintenance and weather protection!

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