Artificial Grass & Lawn Solutions For Commercial Areas

CY artificial grass supplies and installs synthetic grass & fake grass solutions for commercial & public areas. If you are looking to transform a public or commercial area with artificial lawn get in touch with us today for a free quote.
CY Artificial grass is an alternative solution to real grass, it looks identical to real grass without the mud, mess and hassle of maintaining it all year round. Our professional installation service will cover your commercial area from start to finish. We can take care of the design, landscaping and installation of our artificial grass products for your commercial area, alternatively if you are looking for supply only we offer that too. Artificial grass has many advantages, if you have a large commercial area, you can opt for a synthetic/fake grass solution instead of real grass.

Playground Installations - Glasgow

hybrid artificial grass for festivals, by CY turf, Glasgow hybrid artificial grass for festivals, by CY turf, Glasgow

Hybrid Grass for Festivals

CY Turf supply and install the best Hybrid Grass on the market for a full range of uses, for example green city areas, festival areas, footpaths and play parks. Re-inforced hybrid grass is based on a honeycomb structure which allows the natural grass to grow in between the synthetic grass.

All Weather Durable

Our heavy duty artificial grass is designed to withstand wear and tear, heavy footfall & bad weather conditions The durability and low cost of artificial grass is the main reason why property developers, architects and local councils opt for fake grass solutions for commercial areas.

 Low Maintenance

Artificial lawn can last up to 15 years and it looks identical to real grass but without the hassle of maintaining it constantly. This is advantageous especially for larger commercial areas that would require a lot of maintenance all year round, and local councils opt for fake grass solutions for commercial areas.


What thickness is best for artificial grass? 

  • The thickness of artificial grass that is best for a particular application depends on a variety of factors, including its purpose and the amount of foot traffic it will experience daily. Generally, a pile height of 30-37mm is considered to be suitable for most commercial uses, including landscaping and recreational areas. For sports and athletics applications the pile height may be shorter, typically around 20-30mm to provide a more consistent playing surface. 

Is artificial grass long lasting compared to grass? 

  • Artificial grass is generally more durable and long-lasting compared to real grass. Natural grass requires much more maintenance than artificial grass, such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing, in order for it to stay healthy and attractive, whereas artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and can retain its appearance and functionality for many years with the proper care. Artificial grass is also much more resistant to wear and tear, weathering, insects, and can withstand heavy use and traffic without becoming damaged or worn. 

Is artificial grass suitable for indoor and outdoor settings?

  • Yes, artificial grass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on the specific application. Indoor artificial grass is typically shorter in pile height and made with specialized backing materials that allow for drainage and air circulation, meaning it can be used in a variety of indoor settings such as gyms and children’s play areas. Outdoor artificial grass is generally made with more long lasting materials that can withstand exposure to sunlight, moisture, and various temperatures. It is typically used in landscaping, sports fields, and commercial settings to provide an attractive, functional, and low-maintenance alternative to real grass.


  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Caravan parks
  • Paths
  • Shop displays
  • Business centres
  • Offices
  • Roundabouts
  • Car parks
  • Nurseries (Child Friendly Artificial Grass)
  • Roof Terrace
  • Mini Football Pitch
  • Golf (Tee Grass)

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CY Turf offer a complete solution including design, landscaping and artificial turf installation.

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CY Turf supply and install artificial grass solutions to domestic and commercial customers in Scotland including Glasgow. We offer a complete solution including design, landscaping and astro turf installation.


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